Setting the Highest Standards in Sanitation for Makeup Artists


Who We Are

The Makeup Standard

The Makeup Standard is a result of the historical lack of clear science backed sanitation guidelines for the makeup artists in the beauty industry. It is a collaboration between makeup artist professionals and members of the National Scientist Volunteer Database (NSVD) who donated their time and expertise towards creating science led not-for-profit publications.

Our mission is to create a more informed and safer beauty community. There are many sources of information available to artists today, including damaging misinformation. Unfortunately, the community has relied on non-authoritative information sources which may result in a false sense of security.

The Makeup Artist Sanitation Standard was created out of the desire to elevate makeup artists best practices and gives clarity and confidence through its instructional information. It is designed to be a resource not only for makeup artists, but also for production teams, models, agents, art directors, studios, retail environments, salons and more.

Makeup artists heard the rising concerns of fellow artists regarding sanitation.
Sanitation questions were sourced within the makeup community.
Scientists, virologists, epidemiologists, and surgeons from the NSVD gave science backed answers.
Answers from the NSVD were used to create and support the Makeup Artist Sanitation Standard.

the science behind our standards

National Scientific Volunteer Database

The NSVD is a 100% volunteer and volunteer run collaborative, co-founded by Dr. Michael F. Wells at Harvard University and Kevin Schallert at Chambre LP. It has nearly 9,500 member scientists across all 50 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and Guam, who volunteer their time and expertise to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

It was important to us to find an authoritative group of scientific professionals who could provide the level of expertise we needed to achieve our goals. After sharing our concerns and hearing their initial feedback, it was obvious the NSVD was the right team to partner with. They were incredibly supportive of our efforts and provided many hours of their time to elevate our endeavor to create the highest sanitation standards for makeup artists.

Current Documents Available - Check Back for Updates

The MASS was created in collaboration with the NSVD to set sanitation standards for the beauty community. It is a detailed list of best practices designed to mitigate risk before, during and after makeup application. 

This quick visual resource focuses on the most important sanitation risks makeup artists face while working. It can be downloaded to your mobile device or printed out for easy reference.