Dr Gary Chizever

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Dr Gary Chizever

MD, General Surgery Specialist

Education & Training

Gary's Bio

Gary is a physician and engineer with  hands-on experience managing consequences of outbreaks and other public health challenges. Gary’s MD is from Jefferson Medical College (now Sidney Kimmel Medical College) with surgical training from Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx.  Current interests are in epidemiology, population health, infectious disease, bioinformatics and biostatistics –  he has served as medical director for a municipal health department in the past and has held responsibility for specialized workplace safety for a volunteer organization involved in search/rescue and emergency services. Gary has employed many types of PPE and of disinfection in healthcare and in other settings, and has particular appreciation for infection prevention and its direct impact on outcome. Gary actively participates in NSVD consulting efforts and with the affiliated organization Endcoronavirus.Org. Gary also volunteers as Chief Medical Officer for Zerobase Foundation which is an additional affiliate of Endcoronavirus.Org.