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Vincent Law

Neuro-Oncology Researcher

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Vincent Law is a Senior Research Associate in the Departments of Tumor Biology and Neuro-Oncology at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute. Prior to moving to the US, he was a TV host for one of the national broadcasting networks while doing his Masters and PhD program in Molecular Biology and Cancer Biology at the University of Calgary. His current research of interest is melanoma-associated and breast cancer-associated brain metastasis and leptomeningeal disease, where he studied the genetic profiles of circulating tumor cells in systemic cancer. Vincent has joined the NSVD in hopes to provide his skills and expertise to help fight COVID-19 during the pandemic. He is one of the leads assisting in a collaborative effort with other organizations on COVID-19 testing site database, advocating an increase of testing capacity, and NSVD scientist consultancy service for make-up artists. Outside of his scientific network, Vincent is also a Contributing Writer for Vogue Talents and Vogue Italia.